Kodeplay - About Us.

The Kodeplay Story

6 years. It has been a story worthy of many potboilers. many lessons have been learnt. Many people have evolved. Large sums of money have been made and lost. The lessons stay. The enthusiasm has soared to its zenith. Everything has a sense of calm now. The will to make the world better is now stronger than steel. Great friendships have been formed. Trust has been built. We are looking to progress now and to set everything right. Knowledge and creativity will be juxtaposed. Technology will be built. The world will enjoy and change for the better. Interested to see what happens next ? Subscribe and join us in our journey

Meet The Kodeplayers

Karan is a restless tech enthusiast dreaming about changing the world.


Eric is the very epitome of discipline. He is always looking for action to build.


Aaron's persistence is exemplary.He steers a project to his bay in his own calm style.