Ecommerce Growth Hacking For Verynutri.

Ecommerce Growth Hacking For Verynutri.

On - Aug 06

By - Karan

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How we were hired ?

3 years back - we were offering ecommerce websites to customers.
Shiv Shah sir visited us one day and spoke at length about the extensive range of health products he had learned to create over a decade.

How we worked with verynutri?

As product range is extensive and the business has b2b as well as b2c , time was a constraint for the founders and content creation was difficult to do.
We did start a blog for health tips.
We did extensive keyword research for all products with India as the boundary location.
Website content was rewritten accordingly.
We also worked on link building.
We achieved below results .

<3 photos>

What are current plans?

We are planning to rely on content curation and working on dashboard for the same.
We are also working on competition workflows.
We are looking to improve results through content curation, offers, helpful reviews, user generated content.
Link building also needs to be automated now.