Growth hacking consulting for a bootstrapped startup.

Growth hacking consulting for a bootstrapped startup.

On - Aug 06

By - Karan

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How we got hired ?

Amit Gala - a young, strong entrepreneur contacted vineet naik to implement a new idea.
We were lucky to have vineet naik as our CTO till 2014.
Vineet referred us and Amit Gala visited us.

On discussing with Amit, I found that he had a strong insight about the car maintainence segment and he could easily think 3 years ahead of every idea in this space.
Amit wanted to improve lives of car mechanics and also try and offer value to car owners.
He agreed to follow lean startup method and we started a blog to build an audience. #####How we worked with carfixers? The team working on the blog had in depth domain knowledge and were new to digital marketing. We demoed few techniques for them to get initial followers and discussed how they could find content creation ideas. They did create valuable information and are now enjoying the result of the same. <4 photos> #####What are current plans ? We are soon going to start working on auditing content and link building.
Everyone is excited about CARFIXERS and to make hassle free car maintainence possible for everyone.