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Our Services:

We have been developing technology solutions since 6 years. Now we are providing specialized growth hacking and online marketing services. Your business growth is our mission. Our tools are data analysis, metrics driven approach, automation.
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Pricing Chart:

Task Task Deliverables Time/Cost
App Development UX Design.
1 month / USD 6000
App development training Design Course Content.
Video Lectures.
Hands on practice.
Build Project.
7 days/USD 970
SEO Optimization for 50 pages.
Keyword Research.
Content Audit.
Link Building.
Fast Loading.
Analytics setup and insights.
1 year / USD 1400
Content Creation Competition analysis.
Content Ideas.
website content for 7 pages,
20 blog posts , 75 social media posts.
1 year / USD 970
Social media marketing Data Analysis.
Influencer Marketing.
Optimize Posts.
1 year / USD 1400
Advertising Ad Creation.
Optimize budgets.
1 year/USD 700

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